Keeping Your Home Safe In the Summer

Tuesday Jun 21st, 2022


Residential break-ins tend to increase by approx. 20% in the summer months. Open doors and windows provide easy access to burglars, as well as vacant properties of those at the cottage and on holidays. Even when working in the yard, people tend to leave their doors open and their equipment out – these are seen as easy targets for petty theft crimes.


Back in 2018, Florida adopted a “9PM Routine” that may be helpful in securing your property:

  1. Remove valuables from vehicles
  2. Ensure vehicles are locked, windows are up, and parked in a garage if possible
  3. Lock the doors that exit the garage both to the exterior and into the house
  4. Check that all of your doors are closed and locked – front, side, back, garage
  5. Shut all of your windows
  6. Turn an exterior light on


If traveling:

  1. Remove hidden spare keys
  2. Set timers to turn on/off lights both inside/outside your home
  3. Have someone collect your mail or any subscribed deliveries, or put all of these deliveries put on hold
  4. Have a trusted family member, friend or neighbour check on your property – if inside to water plants, have them open/close different blinds to make it appear that someone is home
  5. Turn on your home security system and notifications for irregular activity
  6. Store valuables off-site in a safety deposit box and ensure that you have an updated inventory of your valued items in case of loss


Summer should be enjoyed and in particular, your vacation should be relaxing. A few preventative measures will ensure that your house and your belongings will stay safe.

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