Market Update | February 2021

Market Update | February 2021

Wednesday Mar 10th, 2021


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Each month when we present the latest real estate sales statistics in the GTA, we are always looking back to market conditions a year ago to provide some context. It is interesting to consider that at this point last year, we were just starting to hear more and more about a contagious virus called the coronavirus, and little did we know, in about a week’s time, the City would go through its first COVID lockdown.


While real estate was considered to be an essential service, we did feel that there was a pause in activity, as we all had to navigate through a new way of safely showing properties. However, right before this all happened, the market in February 2020 was very active. Now a year later, with a vaccine program being rolled out, the market stats continue to break records. Click below to watch Alex break down the numbers.


This Month's Market Stats

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