Should you stage your home before you sell It? The answer is YES and here is why!

Should you stage your home before you sell It? The answer is YES and here is why!

Thursday Aug 13th, 2020


1. You Get a Head Start on Packing

Let’ be real – moving sucks. But you have to pack up all of your belongings eventually, so why not start now? In order to stage your house, you must remove any and all clutter from the premises. By staging the home, you’re making your job so much easier when it comes time to move. You won’t have as much stuff to sort through, organize or box up at the last minute.

2. Make Your House Shine Online

You know how you love browsing online at properties for sale? Well, so does the majority of house hunters. Staging your home before selling will give your home that WOW factor (or HGTV effect) in comparison to others online. Having the right staging will allow your realtor’s professional photographer to shoot stunning images that will make hunters stop in their online tracks. First impressions are everything. If your photos shine, those looking may be more inclined to book an actual showing to see your masterpiece in-person. Staged homes just look better in photos – there’s no denying it.

3. Better First Impression.

Now that you’ve created more online buzz around your property with magazine quality images - it’s time to seal the deal in person. Staging makes your home look more appealing and gives it that wowing first impression as soon as buyers walk through the door. The art of staging highlights your home’s best features, while also disguising it's flaws. It ensures a sense of flow while walking through the home - every room will have a sense of purpose while feeling bigger, brighter and better! As a seller, your job is to help people see themselves living in your home. Staging helps neutralize and depersonalize your space so by the end of the house tour buyers are already mentally moving in.

4. Faster Sale, Higher Price

When selling your home, the goal is to sell it fast and for the highest possible price. You can increase your chances for success if you stage your house before listing it. That’s the whole point of home staging in the first place — to present your home in the best possible light. If you do this, buyers will be more likely to make an offer. The investment you make in staging your home is sure to pay off through a quick sale and for a higher price than you would get over a home or condo that isn’t staged.

Let your home shine! Great homes deserve great staging.

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Alex and Elaine.


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