Spring Cleaning Tips

Friday Apr 01st, 2022


Many take advantage of the warmer weather to tackle projects around their home, but there's something about Spring that motivates people to refresh their surroundings - starting with a Spring Clean. Here is a comprehensive list that you can complete entirely for a whole-house scrub-down, or choose some priority areas and leave the ones that don't require immediate attention. Or hire professionals who will take care of more time consuming items, while you enjoy the warmer weather. Even if you live in a condo, many of these steps also apply to your home. Happy Cleaning!

PRIORITY #!:  Remove/store Christmas lights and decorations! (add in snow shovels, snow brushes for your car, salt bags, de-icer while you're at it)


  • Doormats - clean/replace/store
  • Exterior windows (as well, how does the caulking look?)
  • Exterior doors
  • Patio furniture
  • Bikes, scooters, water tables, and other kids toys
  • Lawn/yard maintenance equipment
  • Garbage/recycling bins
  • Decks/patios/balconies
  • Organize your Garage
  • Clean your BBQ


  • Windows as well as window coverings
  • Walls, doorframes and baseboards
  • Disinfect your doorknobs (and your doorbell too!)
  • Deep clean your carpets and area rugs
  • Kitchen:  pantry, drawers, cabinets (Inside and out) entire fridge, freezer, behind the fridge/stove, hood fan, oven, inside the dishwasher, seal your granite counters, scrub your tile grout, sharpen your knives, decalcify your coffee maker/kettle, clear your drains, garbage/compost bins
  • Declutter closets - time for a wardrobe refresh!
  • Re-organize junk drawers
  • Front Entryway - winter coats, boots, gloves etc. that are normally kept at the front door are no longer needed
  • Bathroom: shower curtain, tile grout (how does the caulking look?), bathroom cabinets/drawers, discard expired medication/make-up, clear your drains, remove hard water build-up from your shower head, strip your towels, dust the tops of your medicine cabinets/mirrors/light fixtures, clean your shower caddy
  • Furniture:  clean upholstery, throw pillows, couch throws, and the floors underneath
  • Organize bookshelves, side tables, coffee tables, magazine racks, coin jars, mailslots, desks
  • Light Fixtures: replace light bulbs, clean fixtures (inside/out), dust/clean ceiling fans, vacuum lamp shades
  • Replace HVAC filters (or clean)
  • Bedroom: swap seasonal sheets, mattress, headboards, under the bed, organize side table drawers
  • Washer/Dryer - wash the inside of your washer, clear dryer lint in hidden crevices, plus the laundry room in general - laundry sink, detergent storage, that pile of single socks!
  • Purge items no longer needed in your basement storage room 


  • Wash your hair and makeup brushes
  • Empty/clean backpacks, purses, briefcases, lunch bags, reusable grocery bags
  • Disinfect electronics - tablets, phones, alarm system keypads, remotes for TV, fans, sound systems, garage doors, car
  • Pet food storage containers

Have we forgotten to mention something that is on your Spring Cleaning list? Would love to hear your tips on how you manage Spring Cleaning in your home!


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