Why Interviewing a Real Estate Agent is Important

Why Interviewing a Real Estate Agent is Important

Wednesday Jan 08th, 2020


Recently, we were informed by our assistant that she had decided to pursue an opportunity to further develop her skills in another field of interest. We were most happy to support her in this next chapter of her career. After posting an online ad to find her replacement, we found ourselves overwhelmed after receiving over 290 applicants within the first 10 days. Some had some administrative experience, some had real estate backgrounds, and some were hoping to apply their seemingly unrelated skills to an industry they wanted to break into. We shortlisted a number of potential candidates and began the interview process.

Conducting the interviews was an interesting endeavour. Some came dressed in their professional best. Some were very researched and prepared with questions to determine if we were a good fit for them, as an employer. Some were nervous. Some did not bother to show up nor call to cancel their appointment. During our meetings, we spoke about our team, our history and philosophies. We wanted the conversation to flow as an open, two-way, casual discussion, to allow us all to best try to get to know each other. Not only did we want to see if they were going to work well with our team, and handle the grind of the job’s responsibilities, but we also needed to know if we could trust them to care for our clients with our same approach to client service.

Throughout this process, I couldn’t help but see the similarities to that of a buyer or seller, interviewing an agent before working with them. 

The decision to purchase or sell real estate puts most people into the land of the unknown. What will my budget allow me to buy? What will buyers think of my home? How do I compete with today’s buyers for highly sought-after properties and neighbourhoods? What price should I list my home for? A key component to achieving a successful purchase or sale is the team that you assemble around you to make it happen. Why wouldn’t you take the time to ensure that you have the right agent working for you?

With over 54,500 realtors in the GTA, there is an overwhelming number of agents to choose from. And like us during our hiring process, Buyers and Sellers want to thoughtfully choose the best agent to represent their own needs.  While we had to sift through the many applicants to identify those with the skills and attributes that we were looking for, buyers and sellers should also factor into their decision an agent’s skill level, experience, and market knowledge when deciding on who they wish to work with. 

Buyers and sellers should consider interviewing 2-3 agents. Prepare questions, discuss track records, inquire about an agent’s ability to negotiate (which is a very important component when buying or selling a home), and most of all, determine trust. Is this agent going to be able to help you reach your real estate goals? Are they going to be considerate towards your needs and wants, and accommodate for your unique circumstances? Are they a right fit for YOUR real estate team?

The right agent for you should have a strong knowledge base, be willing to understand your needs, determine the appropriate timeline, work around any obstacles/challenges, and be able to go to bat for you. For us, the right assistant needed to have great communication skills, be able to meet tight timelines, proactively work around obstacles/challenges, and be determined to provide great client service at all times. Having the right individual on your team is everything!

And with that, we are most happy to share that we have found an incredible new assistant, and warmly welcome Demetriee Burrows to our team!

To helping you create remarkable realestate results,

Alex and Elaine.


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