8 Tips on Selling Your Home in the Winter

Wednesday Jan 12th, 2022


Nothing like a blast of Arctic chill to remind us that it is winter! A recent Royal LePage survey found that 79% of realtors would advise their clients to sell this Winter, rather than wait until Spring. Pre-pandemic, we would typically advise sellers to wait until the busier Spring market, yet due to our current inventory shortage, sellers may do just as well selling now than holding off.

If you are considering listing your home this winter season, here are our top eight tips for preparing your home for a successful winter sale!

  1. Include both Winter and Summer photographs of your home in the listing especially if you have outdoor features like a pool, professional landscaping, upgraded stone work, gardens, etc. You can also print the Summer photos and have them available onsite so that visitors can envision what the exterior looks like when it is not covered in snow.
  2. Clear a path to the front door and pathways around the home. Make sure the walkway is free of snow and ice so that prospective Buyers can have a tour of the exterior without any hazards or obstacles. If you do not live in the property that is being sold, a property management company can take care of this for you during the showing period.
  3. Turn on the heat in your home, even if you are not living there, and maintain a comfortable temperature.
  4. Seal up any drafts in windows and doors by adding weatherstripping or exterior caulking. Avoid anything that is not installed directly onto the door ie. Plush door draft stoppers, or windows ie. Insulation film – these are clear indications that there is a draft problem in your home.
  5. Provide shoe covers or slippers, or lay down a large mat, to accommodate for slushy/salty/snowy boots. Clear winter boots and bulky coats from your entryway to make the area look bigger and so that visitors have a clear space to enter.
  6. Up your winter curb appeal: Upgrade your mailbox and house number, ensure that it is well-lit, add hearty outdoor perennial planters.
  7. Since it gets dark earlier during the Winter months, keep lights on for showings, both inside and outside. Open window coverings to let in as much natural light as possible for daytime showings.
  8. Remove any holiday décor as it can add to the clutter and you want prospective Buyers to imagine living there year-round.

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